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Admissions Recruitment & Outreach

Katy Saalfeld

Senior Associate Director

Katy’s a Sycamore, Illinois native, so she grew up around NIU. “It’s home to me. Growing up in Sycamore, I spent a lot of time on campus for music lessons/concerts, dance competitions, camps, feeding ducks at the lagoon or visiting friends that did attend NIU. I didn’t have a choice of where I grew up, but as an adult I do have a choice to call DeKalb and NIU my home and I’m proud of that.”

And why did she choose NIU? Our amazing students, of course! “Every student has a story, whether they are first generation or third generation of their family to attend NIU. Our students, and their stories, inspire me.”

And in the end: “They [our students] make me proud. They show that hard work pays off.”

NIU Superpowers

  • Recruitment and outreach
  • Mentoring the admissions staff
  • Helping students achieve their dreams

What makes her tick

  • Turning ordinary things into extraordinary things – she’s the Mary Poppins of the office
  • Music - I love jamming in the office, on the road and at home
  • She’s a taekwondo national champion in sparring
  • Playing the violin with the Kishwaukee Symphony Orchestra

The secret life of Katy

  • She’s an IRONMAN Racine 70.3 finisher
  • She played soccer in college
  • She’s a classically trained ballet dancer

Words to live by

“Just keep moving. I love this saying because it is applicable in so many ways. Everyone is on their own path and should move at their own pace. The key is to just keep moving."

Katy Saalfeld

Office of Admissions
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DeKalb, IL 60115

Phone: 815-753-0446
Toll-free: 800-892-3050


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